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Caroskin™ Scar Care Concept


What makes the Caroskin™ Scar Care concept unique?
“The Caroskin™ Scar Care concept is a phased, professionally, total offer of a unique combination, scientifically founded, high quality after-treatment products – and can be delivered rapidly AND in 1 package by means of a digital ordering process.”

Caroskin also invites you to become part of our rapidly growing online facebook group of patients and medical interested.

We invite you to follow us and be able to receive reductions on your products ordered online, where you can post your questions, follow and/or help others with suggestions or personal experiences, read about new applications, ask us questions regarding the maintenance of the products, ...


The Caroskin™ Scar Care concept exists of top quality after-treatment products
These high quality products are a complete package. To apply the products in a correct manner, Tricolast developed a `when to use what' document with overview to inform you when to apply what of the Caroskin™ Scar Care range of products.

wif-cakDe Caroskin™ Compression Garments

The Caroskin™ Scar Care concept has an unique combination of 2 types of compression garments where the attention goes out to what the skin needs at each specific stage of the healing. Caroskin Scar Care is unique in its offer!

1. “What’s necessary for the skin in the first 3 months
: a ‘caring’ garment with compression: Caroskin™ Comfort
2. "What is the need for the skin after 4 months?
: traditional compression garments: Caroskin™ Strong


wif-csw Silicone Garments


Caroskin™ silicone garments are made to measure products with the aim to create a semi-occlusive climate around existing, rigid scars – about starting « easing process » or to treat large or circular scars preventively.




Caroskin™ made to measure Silicone Sheets

    Unique in the World: Double elastic, reusable, made to measure silicone sheets in 1 piece, for the optimal use  and comfort of our patients.

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    Caroskin™ Cleaning Soap

      Caroskin™ Cleaning Soap is an enviromentally friendly soap especially designed not to create any adverse effects on the skin nor on the Caroskin™ products. The Caroskin™ Cleaning Soap can only be used with Caroskin™ products.

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      Caroskin™ Velvet Touch Silicone Gel

        The Caroskin™ Velvet Touch is a silicone gel that provides the skin very rapidly with a silky smooth feeling. The Caroskin™ Velvet Touch silicone gel is a transparent gel especially developed, that by its specific formula, forms immediately a very thin layer thereby  you can feel the skin is covered without a sticky feeling …

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        All products from the Caroskin™ Scar Care concept are available worldwide in a unique and calculated manner with attention to the patient.

        "One package goes all the way" - the ordered Caroskin™ products are supplied in 1 rip free pocket – FOR EACH PATIENT - with the required and clear explanation for the use of our products.

        ‘GOOSE – Global Online Ordering System’ – unique digital ordering platform which ensures that the communication between the measurer and Tricolast stays transparent and infallible.

        The Caroskin™ Scar Care concept supports you digitally
        We also wish to hear your experiences and invite you to become a member of our Caroskin™ Scar Care Facebook page where you can ask questions to other users, ask tips, compare notes,… this in several languages! We also gladly help you by answering questions concerning the products, maintenance or treatment method.

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        " SilWrap: Ik gebruik de silwrap windels nu ongeveer twee maanden voor mijn postthrombotisch been met lymfoedeem, de windels zijn zéér aangenaam in gebruik, zakken zelfs bij fietsen niet af, blijven gemakkelijk 8u perfect zitten en vormen geen hinderlijke plooien in bvb knieplooi! thv de enkel gebruik ik wat polstermateriaal.

        Ze zien er ook nog uit als nieuw, pluisjes van sokken ed verdwijnen bij het wassen gemakkelijk.
        Het oedeem vermindert prima, mijn been is veel zachter en beter te behandelen door de kinesiste. Ik blijf de windels met veel plezier gebruiken.

        Heidi V. (B)

        " SilWrap: Enkele positieve ervaringen bij de Caroskin SilWrap:
        - Sneller resultaat dan bij reguliere zwachtels
        - Goed zelf aan te brengen
        - Bewegingsvrijdheid groter dan bij reguliere zwachtels (voelt minder zwaar)
        - Minder dik materiaal dan reguliere zwachtels, dus handiger met kleding
        - Ademt (laat vocht door bij transpireren)
        - Toont minder oubollig
        - In wasmachine wasbaar
        - Skin lotion werkt goed tegen uitdroging vingertoppen

        Susan D. ,Wormerveer (NL)

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